4 Tasks That The Holiday Tracker will Simplify

4 Tasks That The Holiday Tracker will Simplify

Isn’t it nice when things are kept simple? That’s our ethos at The Holiday Tracker. We spend an incredible amount of time and head-space to try to make things simple for our customers. In this blog post we go introspective and look at four things The Holiday Tracker does that makes your life that bit simpler:

Holiday Booking and Approval

Let’s deal with the obvious one first: it’s called The Holiday Tracker, of course it’s going to simplify booking and approving holidays! Just how much though? Well let’s show you in our new video illustrating how the process can save you time:

Calculating Entitlement for Part-Time Employees

It’s a nightmare, right? There could be multiple variables involved: starting part-way through a holiday year; changing work patterns in the middle of the year (multiple times?); and leaving before the year is out. The Holiday Tracker calculates the whole thing for you.

As part of an employee’s profile, you tell The Holiday Tracker the start date, the work patterns, and when they change. You then enter the number of days’ holiday the employee would be entitled to if they worked full time, and it takes care of the rest.

As time goes by and you add new work patterns, The Holiday Tracker automatically updates their entitlement appropriately. Finally, when they leave, you enter their termination date and it shows you how much entitlement you owe them (or they owe you!).

Want to see how easy it could be? Check out our Pro Rata Calculator to see it in action.

Sickness Monitoring

From speaking to a wide range of customers over the years, the level of sickness monitoring out there quite often ranges from “not at all” to “not well enough”. With The Holiday Tracker, it’s just as easy to track sickness too. Your managers log employee sickness in the same easy way that they enter holidays. Then we make that information available to you through a range of useful reports. Check out our blog post on Why, How and When to Measure Employee Sickness for how to make the most of measuring employee sickness.

The Holiday Tracker automatically calculates the Bradford Factor for each employee. The Bradford Factor is a score for each employee that helps you identify employees that might have a problem with sick leave. Read more about it in our Bradford Factor blog post.

Remembering Birthdays

When was the last time your manager remembered to wish you a happy birthday? Wouldn’t it be nice if all your managers remembered when each of their team’s birthday was.

With The Holiday Tracker, we already email your managers each Monday morning letting them know which of their team are off this week and next. If you enter each employee’s date of birth in their profile, then we’ll include a list of whose birthdays are approaching in that very same email.

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