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Choosing the right annual leave management solution shouldn't be a complex decision. The Holiday Tracker’s straightforward pricing ensures you get the best value for your money.


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One simple price with all these features:

  • Simple to use and safe and secure
  • Telephone and email support > 9am-5pm Mon-Fri
  • Access over the web or using iPhone and Android apps
  • Automatically calculates employees' entitlement
  • Helps reduce your employees' sickness absence

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Why Choose The Holiday Tracker?

With The Holiday Tracker, you're not just investing in a software; you're setting the stage for smoother workflows and happier workplaces.

Time Saved, Stress Reduced: We're all about making things easy. From intuitive interfaces to automated calculations, you're set to reclaim hours spent on manual tracking.

Leave Management, Perfected: Errors are a thing of the past. Our system nails down the numbers every time, so there's less room for confusion and more space for clarity.

Happier Employees, Healthier Workplaces: When they can view, request, and manage their leave with ease, your team feels in control. That's a win for workplace morale.

Always On, Always Accessible: Whether you're desk-bound, remote, or mid-commute, The Holiday Tracker is right there with you. On the web, on your phone—we've got you covered.

Proactive Health Insights: With our sickness tracking, it's not just about numbers. It's about spotting patterns, making changes, and fostering a fit, present team.

Flexibility: As you grow, shrink, or pivot, our system's with you. You pay for what you need, making it a fit for any business size.

Dive into a world where employee management isn't just easier—it's smarter, sharper, and simply better. That's the promise of The Holiday Tracker.

Our Payment Process

Once your free trial concludes and you're set to continue, simply input your credit or debit card details on the Billing page. Your first payment is processed the subsequent day. Importantly, you're only charged based on the number of active employees each month, ensuring that as your workforce dynamics change, so does your expenditure. Payments are efficiently handled on the same calendar day monthly via our trusted payments processor, Stripe. On the same day, we also ensure you receive your VAT receipt via email.

Are There Any Contract Commitments?

Absolutely none. We stand by our service, allowing you to cancel whenever you wish. No hidden clauses, no notice period, and no additional charges.

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