The Untapped Potential of Older Workers in Your Organisation

Older woman at work having a meeting

Older workers make up around a third of the UK’s workforce. Yet, they are leaving for early retirement in greater numbers. And with some industries struggling to fill vacancies, looking after experienced staff becomes ever more important.

In this blog, we’ll look at ways you can retain your talent and how adapting for older staff members can benefit the company as a whole.

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5 Signs of Quiet Quitting

quiet quitting woman sat on her own in the corner

Quiet quitting is not a new phenomenon. You’ll find within any organisation a group of people who are enthusiastic and driven to go over and above in their job. On the opposite end, you’ll find staff who would rather be anywhere else than work and cause a level of disruption. Then in the middle are the group most at risk of quiet quitting.

It is this group that’s been growing over the past year in organisations. People who would once bring their best selves to the office, putting in the effort and innovating are instead going through the motions. Clocking in for their day and no longer showing enthusiasm for their jobs.

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I can’t get logged into The Holiday Tracker

If you’re having trouble getting logged into The Holiday Tracker, then try following the instructions in this article.

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Using the Calendar in The Holiday Tracker

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of managing holidays and absences with The Holiday Tracker’s calendar. Our guide will walk you through all of its features, and how to get the best out of them.

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Three Reasons to Use an Absence Management System

Three Reasons to Use an Absence Management SystemPhoto by rawpixel on Unsplash

Sickness absence can have a massive impact on small businesses.  In fact, studies show that preventable sickness absence is costing the UK economy around £900 million a year.

Unfortunately it’s an area that’s often poorly managed.  Below are three reasons why an absence management system, like The Holiday Tracker, can help you make an impact within your own business.

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Adding an Employee to The Holiday Tracker

Like most things in The Holiday Tracker, adding a new employee is incredibly simple to do.

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Podcasts: Make Wasted Time Work For You

Podcasts: Make Wasted Time Work For YouPhoto by Csongor Schmutc on Unsplash

Podcasts have been around since 2004, but have really grown in popularity in recent years. Think of them as miniature radio shows you can listen to whenever you want. They’re a great way to make better use of time you usually waste, such as travelling to work.

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