The Untapped Potential of Older Workers in Your Organisation

Older woman at work having a meeting

Older workers make up around a third of the UK’s workforce. Yet, they are leaving for early retirement in greater numbers. And with some industries struggling to fill vacancies, looking after experienced staff becomes ever more important.

In this blog, we’ll look at ways you can retain your talent and how adapting for older staff members can benefit the company as a whole.

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5 Signs of Quiet Quitting

quiet quitting woman sat on her own in the corner

Quiet quitting is not a new phenomenon. You’ll find within any organisation a group of people who are enthusiastic and driven to go over and above in their job. On the opposite end, you’ll find staff who would rather be anywhere else than work and cause a level of disruption. Then in the middle are the group most at risk of quiet quitting.

It is this group that’s been growing over the past year in organisations. People who would once bring their best selves to the office, putting in the effort and innovating are instead going through the motions. Clocking in for their day and no longer showing enthusiasm for their jobs.

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I can’t get logged into The Holiday Tracker

If you’re having trouble getting logged into The Holiday Tracker, then try following the instructions in this article.

There are two sets of instructions, depending upon if you still have the welcome email you received when your account was first set up:

I’ve got the email with my login details but I still can’t login

There are 3 possible causes for this:

  1. You changed your password since you received the email – go to “I haven’t got the welcome email”.
  2. You’re entering your login details incorrectly.
    Double-check that you’re entering the correct email address – the one in your welcome email – it’s possible your account was setup using an email address other than the one you expected.
    Try the password again – if you’ve tried copying and pasting it, try typing it instead (remember to use capital letters if the password contains capital letters). If you’ve tried typing it in, try copying and pasting instead.
    If all else failsgo to “I haven’t got the welcome email”.
  3. Your account has been closed by your administrator – check with the person within your organization that looks after The Holiday Tracker – this could be your HR manager.

I haven’t got the welcome email with my login details

Go to and click Login. This will be at the top-right of the page if you’re on a computer or tablet – it will be under the menu button on mobile:

Enter your email address into the box and click Continue, this will take you to the login page for your Holiday Tracker. Below the login box is a “Forgot Password” link:

Click the link and use the Forgot Password form to reset your password.

If you get the message “Login Failed: Unfortunately we can’t find an account for the email address you provided.”, then you’ll need to check with the person within your organization that looks after The Holiday Tracker – this could be your HR manager.

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