Managing An Unauthorised Absence From Work 

An office with an unoccupied desk, indicating an unauthorised absence from work.

Employees taking unauthorised absences from work is a concern that plagues all businesses.

Often, these unexpected absences can be addressed without much ado. They’re either one-offs or come with a justified reason. However, there are times when they hint at a larger issue, necessitating a structured response.

In this post, we’ll explore deeper into managing such absences. Allowing you to understand their root causes, and the steps you should consider when confronting this challenge.

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Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

In today’s rapidly evolving world, building an inclusive workplace culture has become more important than ever. An inclusive work environment not only promotes diversity but also creates a sense of belonging and respect for all employees, regardless of their background, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or abilities. 

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The Importance of Compassionate Leave and Its Impact on Employee Well-Being

In today’s dynamic and interconnected work environment, the concept of compassionate leave has gained significant recognition for its pivotal role in fostering employee well-being. 

Employees receive compassionate leave as an empathetic gesture during times of personal crisis or significant life events. These moments may include; the loss of a family member or the illness of a loved one. 

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