Update 3.8 – Company Calendar

Welcome to the first update of 2017. We have some big updates planned for this year, but to get you started this update contains a few small but incredibly useful features:

  1. Team Calendar Permissions
    A flexible way to open up visibility of teams to other managers.
  2. Replace Manager
    Use this button to shift a whole team to a new manager in one go.
  3. Company Calendar
    Ever wanted to block out days for everyone in the company? Now you can.
  4. Request Cancellation
    Employees can now request to cancel holidays after they’ve been approved.
  5. Managers Can’t Delete Past Entries
    Now your managers are only able to delete future entries.

Details on each of these features are included below.

Team Calendar Permissions

You can now grant permission for managers to view other managers’ teams either in read-only mode, or with full access.

The Team Permissions panel is located on the Employee Details page and lists all the permissions the employee currently has. This includes any access they might already have if they’re a deputy for another manager. From here you can revoke permissions, and add permission for additional managers’ teams.

When you add permission to see another manager’s team, the employee will see a tab for that team on their Team Calendar and can use the tabs to switch between teams.

As with a lot of our features, we leave them turned off by default so we don’t clutter your experience with features you don’t need. If you’re interested in the Team Permissions, drop us a line and we’ll active it for you.

Replace Manager

If one of your managers leaves, or moves to a new role within the company, then changing the management structure was a laborious task. Not anymore. Now you simply go to the manager’s profile and click the Replace Manager button.

You’ll then be prompted to enter the name of the new manager and once you click Replace, the system will do all of the hard work for you.

Company Calendar

We’ve had this request from a lot of our customers. Some places close for Christmas and either enforce that their employees use some of their entitlement to cover those days, or want to mark those days as non-working days. Previously we’ve taken care of that for them by running a script to add entries to everyone’s calendar. Now you can do it yourself.

The Company Calendar is found in the Admin menu and works exactly like the normal Calendar. When you add an entry to the Company Calendar, it removes any entries from employee calendars that clash with it, and the event then appears on ALL employee’s calendars.

If you add the entry as a Holiday, it will also be subtracted from their entitlement like any other holiday.

Request Cancellation

If an employee needs to change a future holiday request once it’s been approved, they can use the new Request Cancellation option.

If they click on the holiday request, they can then chose Request Cancellation from the popup menu and then enter a reason why they want to cancel. This then sends an email to the employee’s manager, prompting them to login and review the request.

Managers Can’t Delete Past Entries

Managers have permissions that allow them to add and delete entries from the calendars of their team – this is an important feature of The Holiday Tracker. However, one of our customers asked if we could amend this so that managers can only delete future entries, not past entries. This made so much sense to us, that we decided to develop it AND make it the standard for all customers. Don’t worry if you need your managers to be able to delete past entries, just drop us a line and we’ll change the setting back for you.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding this update, don’t hesitate to get in touch: anthony@theholidaytracker.co.uk

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