Update 3.21 – iCal Feeds

Update 3.21 contains only one new feature: the ability to subscribe to your calendars using calendar applications that support iCal. Details below.

It is now possible to subscribe to The Holiday Tracker calendars using an external calendar application or service, such as Outlook or Apple Calendar. First you will need to enable this functionality from the Company Settings page. From there, you will also be able to specify which users have permission to create these subscription links (by default it is restricted to admins):

Once enabled, you should see a “Subscribe to this Calendar” box below any employee or team calendar:

Click the “Create Subscription Link” button to create a unique URL you can use to subscribe to the calendar:

Select and copy the URL in the white box, and paste it into the application you wish to use. Your holidays and other absence should then be showing in your calendar application.

You can also create a subscription for the entire company by following the same steps from the Company Settings page.

Important: Whoever you share this URL with will be able to see the holiday and absence data without requiring a password.

A warning about using Google Calendar

Google Calendar’s implementation and refresh interval of iCal feeds is somewhat of an enigma. When you first subscribe to an iCal feed, it can take a while for the entries to appear in your Google Calendar. Beyond that it can sometimes take up to 12 hours for updates to appear in your Google Calendar too. See Google’s own details on this.

Unfortunately, this is an issue that The Holiday Tracker have no control over. Google request updates from The Holiday Tracker according to their own schedule, and due to the nature of iCal, it’s not possible for us to “push” the updates to Google.

The bottom line is that you CAN subscribe to one of The Holiday Tracker’s iCal feeds using Google Calendar, but there are no guarantees that Google will keep their copy up to date. We wish we could help you more with this issue, but unfortunately there’s nothing more we can do at our end.

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