Getting Started with your Trial

The best way to experience The Holiday Tracker during your trial is to add two users: a standard employee and a manager. You can then login as the employee, make a holiday request, then login as the manager and approve it.

To add an employee, login with your own account, then from the Admin menu, choose Add Employee.

There isn’t a tick box to define a user as a manager.  A user becomes a manager when you set them to be another user’s manager.  This will become more clear once we add the two users.  Let’s add Mandy Manager first:

You can make-up an email address for Mandy as we have here, but remember to make a note of the email address and the password so you can login as Mandy in a minute.

Once you’ve added Mandy, it’s time to add Eric Employee, and this time we can set Mandy to be Eric’s manager:

Once they’re both added, when you return to the Employee List (Admin > Employees), you’ll see that Mandy is listed as a manager, but Eric is not:

Now logout, then login as Eric. You’ll be prompted to perform some actions by the yellow boxes – for the purposes of this tutorial, just click Skip Step until they disappear.

You should notice that Eric does not have access to the Admin menu and has limited options in The Holiday Tracker menu. This is because Eric is a standard employee and we want the actions he performs to be limited.

The one thing Eric CAN do however, is request a holiday. Click on a square in Eric’s calendar where you want the holiday to start, then click again where you want it to end:

Finally, click Request to confirm the request and the squares will turn orange.

Now this is where Mandy would receive an email notification, but if you used a made-up email address, then that won’t happen.

Logout, and now let’s login as Mandy.

When Mandy logs in, she should have a banner at the top of her screen indicating that Eric has requested holiday:

Clicking the banner will take us to Eric’s calendar. From there we can click the orange request and choose to Approve, Reject or View Team:

Approve the request and it will change from orange to green.

Because we’re logged in as a manager, we can also add other types of absence to Eric’s calendar. Click twice on an empty square and you should then see the Absence Type dropdown in the confirmation box:

Only managers and admins get to choose an Absence Type.  They can’t choose an Absence Type when adding to their own calendar (unless they don’t have a manager), they have to request a holiday like everyone else.

You can change the different absence types from the Company Settings page in the Admin menu.

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