Case Study: Shane Parkins

We’re excited to present the next instalment of our customer case studies, where you can learn firsthand how The Holiday Tracker has made managing annual leave and absence a breeze for companies across the UK. Don’t just take our word for it, hear directly from our satisfied customers.

Today, we are speaking with Shane Parkins, founder of Shane Parkins SEO & PPC Agency.

1. Could you give us a summary of the business, how many people you employ and your role within the business?

We are a dynamic, fully remote marketing agency with a team of seven dedicated staff members. As the company director, I am the lucky person tasked with managing annual leave and the overall business performance.

Our close-knit team specialises in getting websites to the top of Google rankings, using advertising strategies and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Proudly, we are approaching our third full year in business in 2024.

2. How long have you been using The Holiday Tracker? How were you managing annual leave beforehand and why did you change?

We’ve had The Holiday Tracker in place for 6 months or so now – before, we were using the very conventional spreadsheet system. This went horribly wrong on account of several copies of the spreadsheet sprouting into existence and causing a nuisance with trying to calculate the correct annual leave. There is also an element of having to calculate entitlements for new employees which was a troublesome task internally, as none of us have any experience in managing annual leave.

3. What do you love best about The Holiday Tracker?

There is no thought needed when using it, adding a new employee is really straightforward and all the calculations are handled for you. There aren’t any emails whizzing around between staff, getting lost or missed – it’s a really simple platform that does a really important job. 

The other dynamic to this system is the time-saving element, both for employees and managers, it gives us the full flexibility to provide logins and forget about it – before staff had to complete forms and we’d update a spreadsheet, a breeding ground for manual error. The interface is also really useful, simple and beneficial as I can see holidays at a glance and make informed decisions when approving holidays.

I’m also a big fan of the weekly email I receive showing me who is off and when, at a glance, this is really useful and helps me stay on top of annual leave and workload. 

4. What has been the response from your team regarding the use of The Holiday Tracker? How has it influenced their experience with managing leaves?

The team’s response to The Holiday Tracker has been overwhelmingly positive. For them, it has simplified the process of requesting holidays and eliminated the need for back-and-forth queries about annual leave balances. 

As a manager, I’ve found significant advantages, but these benefits also extend to our staff. We’ve been leveraging its HR functionalities, providing a centralised platform for everyone to access. 

An additional advantage is the professional image it helps us project, especially when onboarding new staff members – by giving them access to this professional tool.

5. Would you recommend The Holiday Tracker to other businesses, and if so, why?

Yes, the pricing is spot on, the time saving is immense and the system is simple to use. The free trial period is a great bonus that allowed us to gauge the system and its benefits. I’d highly recommend it to anyone needing a solid annual leave management system. 

About Shane Parkins

Shane Parkins is a passionate digital marketing agency, specialising in boosting online presence through expert SEO and PPC strategies. With a focus on delivering exceptional results, they excel in driving traffic and enhancing visibility for businesses across various industries. As a forward-thinking agency, Shane Parkins prides itself on staying ahead of digital trends to offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients. 

You can visit Shane Parkins’ website at

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