The Importance of Compassionate Leave and Its Impact on Employee Well-Being

In today’s dynamic and interconnected work environment, the concept of compassionate leave has gained significant recognition for its pivotal role in fostering employee well-being. 

Employees receive compassionate leave as an empathetic gesture during times of personal crisis or significant life events. These moments may include; the loss of a family member or the illness of a loved one. 

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Managing Employee Holiday and Workload: Tips for HR managers

Annual leave and employee satisfaction levels go together hand in hand. Time off is essential for employees as it allows them to recharge and prevent burnout, spend quality moments with loved ones, and return to work with renewed energy. 

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Why Leadership Needs Emotional Intelligence

Leadership emotional intelligence at board room table

Emotional intelligence is one of the core leadership skills and becoming ever more crucial within the new world of work. In fact, a greater focus on soft skills is identified as one of the top trends for the future of work. We’re taking a deep dive into emotional intelligence and how it can help create better leaders.

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