Update 3.0 – Storing Employee Data

This latest update is the first stage in transforming The Holiday Tracker into a HR management tool – you can now store much more data against each of your employees. Below is a summary of the key features in this update.

  1. Employee Data
    The employee data page has been re-imagined, is now spread across multiple pages and contains many more fields.
  2. Who Is Off
    Admins can now access a page detailing which employees have planned absence over the next two weeks.
  3. Opting Out of Attendance Register Notifications
    You can now set managers and admins to not receive notification emails from the Attendance Register.
  4. Admins Weekly Email
    Admins can now receive a weekly e-mail detailing who is off this week and next.
  5. Birthdays in the Weekly Email
    You can include a list of which employees’ birthdays are coming up as part of the weekly emails.

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Update 2.9 – The Audit Log

We’re pleased to release a small update to The Holiday Tracker. It comprises a collection of small bug fixes, and a handful of new features detailed below.

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