5 Ways to Reduce Sick Leave in your Business

Reduce Sick Leave

Let’s face it; people get ill. Sick leave is a factor we have to deal with in business, but we can also try to minimise its negative impact. According to a 2016 CIPD absence report, the median cost of sick leave can be as high as £835 per employee. We’ve pulled together five areas you can look at to help minimise the impact of sick leave.

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How Duvet Days Can Reduce Your Sickness Absence

How Duvet Days Can Reduce Your Sickness Absence Photo by Jessicaalderson on Wikimedia

Before we dig into what Duvet Days are, let’s start with a fact:

19% of workers admitted to “pulling a sickie” in one year alone. (Source)

That’s one in five of your employees faking sickness to take a day off. So if it’s happening anyway, why not take control, give it a name, legitimise it, and allow you to define the rules.

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